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Gum Disease

98% of the planets’ population has some form of gum disease.

Bad breath and bleeding gums are signs of this. In 99% of cases of chronic gum disease there is a parasitic infection, which we check for under a microscope. This is the only way to confirm it.

The disease destroys gums and bone. X-ray picture shows gum and bone loss. With the correct microscopic diagnosis we can target the correct treatment for you to kill the parasite and promote healing of the gum and bone.

Chronic gum disease has scientifically been shown to exacerbate High blood pressure, Diabetes, and heart disease. So you can loose more than your smile through gum disease.

In every patient we take a sample of dental plaque and analyse this under the microscope to see what organisms are present.

Gum Recession, can be a result of gum disease , overbrushing , bite problems or all of the previous. It can look unsightly cause sensitivity and make the teeth more prone to root decay.

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A new pin hole surgical technique is available to treat this problem, to find out more link to (

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